Handcrafted Wallets

Handcrafted, and Military Grade wallets.  The perfect wallet design holds five cards or more, and a lot of cash.  Our military grade wallets feature a lifetime guarantee.  Perfect for your front pocket.  

Silver Dollar Magnetic Money Clip - Holds up to 20 bills

Silver Dollar Magnetic Money Clip - Holds up to 20 bills


Are your looking for a unique money clip that holds a lot of cash?  Then you will love this piece of art, come take a look..................................................................

Holds up to 20 bills.  Each clip is one of a kind. Specially carved, sanded, and polished from quarter sawn oak. If you know someone who uses money clips this would be a great gift, guaranteed to impress! You are purchasing a money clip very similar to the clip pictured above but due to the variances in oak patterns every clip is unique.

The Coin Collection by BenchBuilt. This is the first of many coin clips we will produce.  These money clips are very strong and designed to hold a lot of cash. Magnetic money clips are not recommended for holding credit cards as the magnets may distort or erase the magnetic strip.

BenchBuilt Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your item, send it back and I will refund your money. If something happens to your Item and it's repairable, mail it back and I will repair your Item at no cost to you. 

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